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[Under the SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015
Applicable to the Directors/Officers/Designated Employees and Connected Persons]

This code may be called as code of conduct of Anjani Finance Limited (Anjani) for prevention of Insider Trading. This Code can bet modified/amended/altered by Directors/Compliance Officer authorized by the Board. But in case of any statutory modification or amendment or alteration of the provisions of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading), Regulations 2015, the newly modified / amended / altered provisions of the Regulation shall be placed before the Board of Directors of the Anjani Finance Limited for noting and the amended code shall be deemed to be implemented effective from the date of approval of the same by the Board.

Insider trading means dealing in securities of a listed company traded on any Stock Exchange in India by insiders which term includes Directors, Officers and Designated Employees of Anjani Finance Limited based on or when 111 possession of unpublished price sensitive information (UPSI).

The SEBI, as part of its efforts to protect the interest of investors in general, had issued the SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015, under the powers conferred on it by the SEBI Act, 1992, which is made applicable to all the listed companies. The Regulations prohibits insider trading.
This code shall be applicable to all the Directors, Officers, and Designated Employees and their relatives of ANJANI.
(a)  Act - means the Securities & Exchange Board of India Act, 1992;
(b)  Board  of Director-   means the Board of Directors of Anjani Finance  Limited.
(c)  Body Corporate-   means a body corporate as defined under Sub section  I I of Section 2 of the Companies  Act, 2013.
(d)  The Company-   means Anjani Finance Limited (Anjani).
(e)  Compliance   Officer-  The Officer appointed  by the Board of Directors  of Anjani for the purpose of these regulations from time to time.
(f)   Code-   means  this  Code  of  Conduct  for  Prevention   of  Insider  Trading  including modifications  made thereto from time-to-time.
(g)  Trading-  means   and  includes   subscribing,   ·buying,   selling   or  agreeing   to  subscribe, buy,  sell or deal  in any  securities   and"   trade"  shall  be construed   accordingly.
(h) Promoter-  shall  have  the  meaning   assigned   to  it under  the  SEBI  (Issue  of Capital   and Disclosure   Requirements)     Regulations,    2009  or any  modification    thereof.
(i) Designated   Employees-  shall   mean   and   include   -Top    three   tier   of  ANJANI Management,             namely:-
  • i. Chief  Executive   Officer   (CEO),  Chief  Financial   Officer   (CFO);
  • ii. General   Manager   and above  of all the departments    of ANJANI;
  • iii.   Senior    Manager    and   above    of   Finance    and   Accounts,     Secretarial,     Banking Department   of ANJANI.
(j) Officer- shall  mean  and  include  -
  • i. Statutory,   Secretarial   and  Internal   Auditor  of ANJANI.
  • ii. Person   occupying    the  position   as  an  officer   or  an  employee    of  ANJANI     or holds  a position   involving   a professional    or business  Relationship     between   himself and  Anjani    whether   temporary    or  permanent    and  who  may  reasonably    be expected   to  have  an  access   to  unpublished    price  sensitive    information    in relation to that  company. 
  • iii. Any other  person   as decided   by the Board  of Directors   of ANJANI.
(k)  Director-  means   Directors   on  the  Board   of  ANJANI     both  Executive    and  Non- Executive.
(l)  Insider- means  any  person  who, is or was connected    with  ANJANI    or  is deemed   to  have  been  connected   with ANJANI     and  who   is  reasonably    expected    to  have   access   to  unpublished price  sensitive   information    in respect  of ANJANI,     or has received  or has had  access  to such  unpublished    price  sensitive   information.
(m)   unpublished   price  sensitive  information-   means   any   information,     relating   to  a company       or  its securities,    directly  or  indirectly,   that  is not  generally   Anjani   which upon   becoming    generally    Anjani,    is  likely   to  materially    affect   the  price   of  the securities   and  shall,   ordinarily    including   but  not  restricted   to,  information    relating   to the  following:   -
    (i)     financial   results;
    (ii)    dividends;
    (iii)   change   in capital   structure;
    (iv)  mergers,   de-mergers,    acquisitions,    delistings,   disposals   and  expansion   of business and  such  other  transactions;
    (v)   changes   in key  managerial   personnel;   and
    (vi)  material   events   in accordance   with  the  listing  agreement.
(n)  Regulation-  means   Securities    and Exchange    Board   of  India   (Prohibition    of  Insider Trading),   Regulations    201'5 as amended   from  time  to time.
(m)  Securities-  shall  mean  the Equity   Shares  of Rs.  10/- each  of ANJANI     and  such other  securities   of Anjani    issued  from  time  to time  as may  be  specified   by the Board  or the Managing   Director   or the CEO  as the  case  may  be of ANJANI.
(0)  Trading   Window-   means    the   period   during    which    the   Directors,     Officers    and Designated    Employees    of Company   may trade  in ANJANI's      securities.
(p)  Trading  day-   means   a  day  on  which   the  recognized    stock   exchanges    are  open   for trading;
(q) Connected  person-  means,- As define in SEBI (Insider Trading) Regulation, 2015
(r) Immediate   relative-   means a spouse ofa  person,  and  includes parent,  sibling.  and child of such person or o[the  spouse, any of whom is either dependent  financially  on such  person,   or  consults  such  person   in  taking decisions   relating   to  trading  in securities;
1. Compliance Officer
    1.1 ANJANI  has appointed  the Company  Secretary  as the Compliance  Officer who shall report to the Board of Directors.
    1.2 The  Compliance    Officer   shall   be   responsible   for   setting   policies,   procedures, monitoring    adherence    to   the   rules   for   the   preservation    of   "Price    Sensitive Information",     "pre-clearing    trades"   of Directors,  Officers,  Designated  Employees' and connected persons  (directly or through respective department  heads as decided by ANJANI),  monitoring  of trades and the implementation  of the code of conduct under the overall supervision  Of the Board.
    1.3 The Compliance  Officer shall maintain a record of the designated  employees  and any changes made in the list of designated employees.
    1.4The Compliance  Officer shall assist all the employees  in addressing  any clarifications regarding the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Prohibition  of Insider Trading) Regulations,  2015 as amended from time to time and the company's  code of conduct

2. Preservation of Price  Sensitive  Information.
    2.1 Directors,  Officers,  Designated  Employees and Connected  Persons  shall maintain the confidentiality  of all Price Sensitive  Information.  Directors,  Officers  and Designated Employees  and Connected  Persons  shall not pass on such information  to any person directly or indirectly  by way of making a recommendation  for the purchase  or sale of securities.
    2.2 Price  Sensitive  Information  is to be handled  on a "need   to  know"  basis,  i.e., Price Sensitive  Information  should  be disclosed  only to those  within  ANJANI  who need the information  to discharge their duty.
    2.3 Files  containing  confidential  information  shall  be kept secure.  Computer  files must have adequate security of login and password etc.
    2.4 Preservation  of misuse of "Price Sensitive Information".
    2.5 All Directors,  Officers  and Designated  Employees  of ANJANI  and Connected Persons shall be subject to trading restrictions as enumerated  below.
    • i. When  the   trading    window   is  closed,   the   Directors,    Officers,    Designated Employees and   Connected    Persons    shall    not   trade    in   the   company's securities  in such  period.
    • ii. The trading window shall  be, inter  alia closed at the  time:-
      • a. Declaration of financial results (quarterly, half-yearly and annually).
      • b. Declaration  of dividends  (interim and final).
      • c. Issue of securities by way of public/rights/bonus etc.
      • d. Any major expansion plans or execution of new projects.
      • e. Amalgamation, mergers, takeovers and buy-back.
      • f. Disposal of whole or substantially whole of the undertaking.
      • g. Any changes in policies, plans or operations of ANJAN and any other matter which is likely to be price sensitive.
    • iii. Closure  of trading  window  shall commence  7 days  before  the date  of meetings of Board  of Directors   of ANJANI   are  held  to consider   any  of the  items referred   hereinabove,   unless decided  otherwise   by the board.
    • iv. The  trading    window   shall   be  re-opened    48  hours   after   the   information referred   hereinabove,   is made  public.
    • v. All directors/officers/designated  employees   of  ANJANI    and  Connected Persons  shall  conduct  all their  dealings  in the  securities  of ANJANI   only during  trading   window  is open.
    2.6 All Directors,   Officers  and  Designated   Employees   shall  not engage  in dealing  in securities,  whether   on their  own account  or on behalf  of the Dependent   and  shall ensure   that   their   Dependent   shall  also  not  engage   in  Dealing   in  Securities   on their   own  account,   if  such   Director,    Officer   or  Designated    Employees    is  in possession  of any  unpublished   price  sensitive  information.

3. Trading Plan
    3.1 An insider shall formulate  a trading plan and present  it to the compliance  officer for approval  and' public  disclosure  pursuant  to which  trades  may  be carried  out on his behalf in accordance  with such plan.
    3.2 Insider shall submit trading plan before six months from commencement  of trading.
    3.3 Insider shall not enter into the transaction  between the twentieth  trading  day prior to the last day of any financial period for which results are required to be announced by ANJANI  of the securities  and the second trading day after the disclosure of such financial results.
    3.4  If another  trading  plan  is' already  in existence  no other  plan  shall  not be accepted covering the same time period.
    3.5 Insider  in his trading  plan shall set out number of Securities  to be traded  along with the nature of the trade and time gap between the trade and dates on which such trade shall be effected.
    3.6   Compliance    officer   shall   review   the   trading   plan,   approve   and   monitor   the implementation  of the plan.
    3.7 The trading  plan once approved shall be irrevocable and the insider shall mandatorily have  to  implement  the  plan,  without  being  entitled  to  either  deviate  from  it or  to execute any trade in the securities outside the scope of the trading plan.
    3.8 The  Insider  shall  not  execute  the  aforesaid  trading  plan  if any  unpublished  price sensitive  information  in possession  of the  insider  at the  time  of formulation  of the plan has not become generally Anjani at the time of the commencement  of implementation   and  in  such  event  Insider  shall  execute  trading  plan  when  such information  shall become public.
    3.9 After approval  the trading  plan Compliance  Officer shall  inform  the BSE  about the approved trading plan and the same will be broadcast on Company's  website.
    3.10  Insider  shall  submit  trading  plan  alongwith  the  declaration   and  application   in "Annexure   -I-to    3" or any other format specified by SEBI or BSE.

4. Pre-clearance of trades
    4.1 All Directors, Officers, Designated employees of ANJANI and Connected Persons who intend to deal in the securities of ANJANI should pre-clear the transaction as per the pre-dealing procedure as described hereunder.
    4.2 An application may be made in prescribed format (Annexure 2) to the Compliance Officer indicating the estimated number of shares that the Insider intends to deal in, the depository with which he/she has an account and the details as to his/her shareholding before and after the intended transaction.
    4.3 An undertaking (Annexure 3) shall be executed in favour of the company by such directors, officers, designated employees incorporating, inter alia, the following clauses, as may be applicable:
      a) That the directors, officers, designated employees does not have any access or has not received "Price Sensitive Information" upto the time of signing the undertaking.
      b) That in case the employee, director, officer has. access to or receives "Price Sensitive Information" after the signing of the undertaking but before the execution of the transaction he/she shall inform the Compliance Officer of the change in his position and that he/she would completely refrain from dealing in the securities of ANJANI till the time such information becomes public.
      c) That he/she has not contravened the code of conduct for prevention of insider trading as notified by ANJANI from time to time.
      d) That he/she has made a full and true disclosure in the matter.

5. Other restrictions
    5.1 All directors,  officers, designated  employees their dependents  and Connected Persons shall  execute  their  order  in respect  of securities  of ANJANI   within  one week after the approval  of pre-clearance   is given.  If the order  is not executed  within one week after the  approval  is given, the directors,  officers,  designated  employees  must pre-clear the transaction  again.
    5.2 All directors/  officers/ designated employees who buy or sell and number of shares of ANJANI  shall not enter  into an opposite transaction  i.e. sell or buy any number of shares  during  the  next  six  months  following  the prior  transaction.  All  directors/ officers/designated   employees  shall also not take positions  in derivative  transactions in the shares of ANJANI  at any time.
    In the  case  of subscription   in the  primary  market  (initial  public  offers),  the  above mentioned persons shall hold their investments for a minimum period of 30 days. The  holding period would commence when the securities are actually allotted.
    5.3 In  case  the  sale  of  securities  is necessitated   by personal  emergency,   the  holding period may be waived  by the Compliance  Officer  after recording  in writing  his/ her reasons in this regard.

6. Reporting requirements for transactions in securities
Initial Disclosures

    6.1 Every promoter, key managerial personnel and director of every company whose securities are listed on any recognised stock exchange shall disclose his latest holding of Securities of ANJANI mentioning date of holding as on or taking effect, to the Company within thirty days(30) ofthese CODE taking effect;
    6.2 Every person on appointment as a key managerial personnel or a director of ANJANI or upon becoming a promoter shall disclose his holding of securities of ANJANI as on the date of appointment or becoming a promoter, to ANJANI within seven days (7) of such appointment or becoming a promoter to AVAILABLE/Compliance Officer.
    Continual Disclosures. 6.3 Every promoter, employee and director of every company shall disclose to Anjani the number of such securities acquired or disposed of within two trading days of such transaction if the value of the securities traded, whether in one transaction or a series of transactions over any calendar quarter, aggregates to a traded value in excess often lakh rupees or such othen. value as may be specified by SEBI time to time.
    6.4 Compliance Officer of Anjani shall notify the particulars of such trading to the stock exchange on which the securities are listed within two trading days of receipt of the disclosure or from becoming aware of such information. Disclosures by other connected persons.
    6.5 Disclosures shall be made as per the SEBI (Insider Trading) Regulation, 2015
    6.6 Compliance Officer shall maintain records of all the declarations in the appropriate form given by the directors, officers, designated employees for a minimum period of three years.
    6.7 The Compliance Officer shall place before the Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer or a committee specified by ANJANI, on a monthly basis all the details of the dealing in the securities by Director, Officer, Designated Employees of ANJANI and the accompanying documents that such persons had executed under the pre-dealing procedure as envisaged in this code.

7. Penalty for contravention  of code of conduct
    7.1   Any   Director,    Officer,   Designated    Employees    who   trades    in   securities   or communicates  any Information  for trading  in securities  in contravention  of the code of conduct may be penalized and appropriate  action may be taken by ANJANI.
    7.2 Any Director,  Officer, Designated  Employees  of ANJANI  who violate the code of conduct  shall  also be subject  to disciplinary  action  by ANJANI,  which may include wage/salary  freeze, suspension,  ineligible for future participation  in employee-stock  option plans, etc.
    7.3 The action by ANJANI  shall not preclude  SEBI from taking  any action  in case of violation of SEBl (Prohibition  of Insider  Trading) Regulations,  2015 and the SEBI has  powers  in case  of violation  of the  aforesaid   regulations   to order   for  Penalty which  shall  not  be less then  Rs. 5 Lakhs  but  may  increased   upto  25 Crores  and or imprisonment    upto  10 years  or both.

8. Information to SEBI in case of violation of SEBI (prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015

In case it is observed by ANJANI / Compliance Officer that there has been a violation of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015 SEBI shall be informed by ANJANI.

By Orders of the Board
Anjani Finance Limited

Sanjay Kumar Agarwal
Managing Director
DIN: 00023611